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Call for 2017 Nonprofits

Finding skilled volunteers is a challenge.  Timeraiser150 offers nonprofit organizations a unique way to meet talented new volunteers and to promote their good work to a wider audience of supporters.  Canada’s nonprofit sector is responsible for many of the social services we take for granted, and volunteers are their lifeblood.

At each of the 10 Timeraiser150 parties in 2017, Timeraiser will host select nonprofit organizations across social sectors and local to each community. This is an opportunity for nonprofits to mix and mingle with Timeraiser150 partygoers, to talk about their impact and good work. Online150 will feature nonprofit organizations from local communities across Canada, inspiring Canadians to bid time, do good, get art.

Submissions for Timeraiser150 nonprofits are now closed.


Impact for Nonprofits


We offer Timeraiser attendees the opportunity to earn a piece of artwork by volunteering time, not dollars. Timeraiser art winners are not only proud new arts patrons, but they also benefit from volunteering and contributing to social good in their communities. Over 13 million Canadians volunteer, according to Imagine Canada, who calculates the monetary value of a volunteer hour at $25.

Since 2003, by the numbers:

  • 167225 Volunteer Hours performed by art winners
  • 101 hrs Average bid (to be completed over 12 months)
  • 1093 Unique nonprofits have participated
“As a working mother of two young girls I found myself contemplating volunteering often, however the thought always ended in “I just don’t have enough time”.  Inspired by the wonderful art, great energy and spirit of giving at the event, I pledged 100 hours for a piece of art. Time raiser was the kick I needed to make time in my hectic life to help others.”  - Courtney Sherwin, Vancouver Art Winner
“I’m honoured to have been able to give, and in return, feel that I received so much.  This opportunity has enabled me to work shoulder to shoulder with some amazing people who so selflessly give of not only their time, but also of their heart!” - Kamar Kazmi, Toronto Art Winner

TIMERAISER150 Feature Nonprofit Organizations