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Get ready Toronto…

Timeraiser Toronto is October 3rd at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery.

Join us for our signature auction, where time is money. Engage with our interactive live artist habitats and installations, pledge hours and take home original works created live. Enjoy amazing performances all night long from some of Toronto’s most talented artists. Mingle with featured nonprofits in the city, and learn about meaningful volunteer opportunities in your community. And if you don’t have the time, spend the money in our exclusive Art Market. All while you feast on delicious foods, treats, and indulge in our open bars.

All for $35/person!


Artist Spotlight

Andre Kan
Andre Kan is a Toronto based painter. Since graduating from the Ontario College of Art & Design University in 2014, he continues his creative pursuits as an Artist, Photographer, Curator, Producer, and Musician. His paintings have been showcased throughout Canada with permanent collections in the U.S and China

Featuring the following exceptional Contemporary Canadian Artists.

Habitats & Performances by:
Alex McLeod, Alexi Pedneault, Andrea Ramolo, Anthony Haley, Bevan Bühler, Breakaway Entertainment, Dahae Song, David Crinshaw, Jay Cheng, Jesús Maza Piñero, J.E. Simpson, Kathryn Merriam, Logan Salter, Luke Austin, Marjan Verstappen, Masha Ruginets, Merna The Artist, Michael Veneracion, Miss Coco Murray, Nhapitapi, SaMel Tanz, Scott Peterson, Slater Manzo, Tara Noelle.

Auction & Gallery Sale Work by:
Alex McLeod, Alex R.M. Thompson, Alison Postma, Andre Kan, Angie Quick, Anna Kovler, Anthony Haley, Atia Pokorny, Chris Foster, Dahae Song, Dan Bergeron, David Strickland, Esmé McBride, Jay Cheng, Jessica Thalmann, Jesús Maza Piñero, Jordan Clayton, Jordan Dunlop, Jordan Nahmias, Linda Briskin, Logan Salter, Lori Birkbeck, Marjan Verstappen, Melanie Bartel, Michael Veneracion, Michael Vickers, Nate Nettleton, Nicole Charles, Niloo Inalouei, Renee Moulelis, Sara Golish, Stefan Herda, TAHSIN THE GOOD, Tara Noelle, Wandy Cheng.

Outdoor Art Market with:
Amey Lai, Ashley McKenzie-Barnes, Benny Bing, David Krovblit. Francis Pratt, Hans Poppe, Jordan Sook, Komi Olaf, Malcolm Yarde, Morgan Sheardown, Nicole Krstin, Patrick Skals, Samy Sabani, Sarah Fordham, Shawn Skier, Sierra Barber, Stella Cade, Stacey MacNevin, Taka Sudo, Walter Segers.


This year, expect a night of pure entertainment, with over 75 participating artists. Live auction, live gallery exhibition with pieces for sale. Over a dozen featured Artist Habitats with Artists creating live and selling a limited number of curated pieces, exclusive to Timeraiser Toronto. Live performances, installations, activations, experiences, delicious beverages, and amazing food.

Join for part of the festivities, or stay for the whole thing! Most importantly, we’ll have a fresh selection of locally-sourced, original artwork available for auction and new volunteer opportunities to explore.

Here’s your chance to kickstart your art collection by giving back to your community.

When I engaged in the volunteer work, even when it was for as little as 15 minutes, it felt like I had more free time in my life. Suddenly there was extra time for other things too.
— Timeraiser Volunteer / Art Collector
timeraiser-toronto-call-to-action-one copy.jpg


Timeraiser is an auction where attendees bid volunteer time, not dollars, for original art. In addition to supporting emerging artists, Timeraiser aims to foster and celebrate volunteerism in local communities.


Timeraiser Toronto, since 2003:

- Invested $300,000+ in the careers of emerging Canadian artists.

- Raised over 70,000 skilled volunteer hours.

- Featured and worked with 437 non-profits.

- Auctioned 345 pieces of Canadian contemporary art.

- In 2017, Timeraiser invested $20,000 in Canadian artists, auctioning 65 pieces, featuring 14 non-profits, and raising 15,863 skilled volunteer hours.

Thinking about time, rather than money, spurred me to engage in activities that promoted my well-being, like socializing and volunteering.
— Timeraiser Volunteer / Owner of New Contemporary Canadian Art


This year's Timeraiser Toronto event features:

- More artists than any previous year. With over 75 participating artists, this years event promises to delight all incoming volunteers.

- More than 12 Non-Profit Organizations to choose where your time will go to do good in your community.

- 12 Artist Habitats and 12 live performances provide a rare opportunity to go home with a piece of art made especially for you!

- Over 50 works of art will be up for auction this year. You will be amazed at what time can buy you. 

Toronto is a wondrous hub for art and creativity. Come and see the riches this city has to offer. 

Your reward for all your hard work and charitable spirit. A one of a kind work of art from an emerging Canadian artist. A reminder of the beauty in your community, that you helped inspire.

The creation of beauty is art.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson
Creativity is contagious, pass it on.
— Albert Eisnstein



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